About Us

Love INC Beaverton exists to bring hope to the hurting people all around us. They live in our neighborhoods. They are part of our community, yet they go unseen.

At Love In the Name of Christ, our mission is to connect families in need with local churches and service agencies who can help them.  We believe that by serving others and demonstrating the unconditional love that Christ has for us, God will work through us to transform lives in our community.

Love INC Beaverton fills a vital gap for both short-term and long-term needs that are not provided by social services or other non-profits. By using a collaborative approach, Love INC Beaverton is able to serve a larger number of people and allow its partners to make a lasting impact. This is real change for both the giver and the receiver.

  • LOVE INC Beaverton provided assistance to over 5,000 individuals and families.
  • Donations stay local to the Greater Beaverton area
  • Administration is run efficiently by 2  employees and an army of champions (highly energized volunteers)
  • Love INC Beaverton is consistently looking for ways to fill new vital gaps in the community, bring on partners and create lasting change
  • Church and community resources are used to support individuals and families to provide a holistic approach to meeting their needs

Why Does Beaverton Need Love INC?
(1) Existing resources are inadequate to meet the level of needs

(2) church volunteers and material resources frequently are underutilized in meeting needs without a networking organization like Love INC

(3) many helping services are duplicated unnecessarily without a Love INC – agencies and churches would be covering the same ground, doing the same thing

(4) agencies and church staff seldom communicate directly with each other when seeking to meet needs

How is Love INC Beaverton supported?

We receive financial support from individuals, businesses, families and other non-profits that know that Love INC makes a real difference in the Beaverton community.
Are my donations to Love INC tax deductible?

Love INC Beaverton  is a 501(c)3 organization. Contributions (both cash and in-kind) are tax deductible.

How does Love INC work?
Once only operating as a resource center, LOVE INC has developed into a broad virtual-service center. Through an expansive network of churches, agencies and in-house ministries, Love INC is able to help families and individuals who otherwise would be lost.

Love INC Beaverton focuses on two critical gaps: Short-term urgent needs and Long-term systemic needs.